Terms of Use

IT Walk is an email marketing platform that helps you in the networking process of branding yourself and your business online. This makes available various facilities like classified advertisements, responses and other updates and upgradations (here after referred to as core services).

By using or before signing up for IT Walk account, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. The following are the terms of a legal agreement between you and IT Walk. For accessing, browsing and to use IT Walk services, you acknowledge that you have read, agreed, understood, bound to these terms and comply with the applicable law and regulations. If you don't understand or does not agree with these terms, please don't use this site as it is protected and complied by law.

This statement constitutes all about IT Walk website only. So please read this carefully before accessing and to make use of IT Walk services appropriately. Make sure that your use of IT Walk website indicates your agreement to bind to these terms and conditions.


In order to make you to understand this agreement in the very best way, we will start from the basics. IT Walk is a digital email marketing platform offered through the URL or website https://www.itwalk.in/, which helps you to create, send, manage emails campaigns to individual or collective recipients and enriches of branding your online business. You are a registered member of IT Walk according to this agreement and are in to an indirect commitment of IT Walk to bind to these terms and conditions. In case of any disputes or disagree to any of these Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy of IT Walk, you are not allowed to register and use our services. IT Walk reserves all rights to change, modify or to upgrade any terms at any point of time with or without prior notice or information and any registered member or any other person does not reserve rights to question or to object the same.

In case of any disputes or disagreement or concern or issues with upgraded or changed Terms and Conditions, Guidelines or Privacy Policy would disapprove your further agreement with the use of IT Walk services. To keep a track of all changes, kindly visit our site at regular interval to get a clear idea of all our terms & conditions and other guidelines.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility criteria for registering a IT Walk account, you should at least 18 years of age. You should complete the registration process by providing true, complete and up to date contact and personal information limited to your name, age, contact address, valid email address and a valid mobile or contact number.

By using IT Walk, you legally promise us to meet all the above listed requirements with the best of your belief and you won't use our services in any way that violates any law. If you are found to violate our services, IT Walk reserves right to close any number of accounts, at any point of time of any user and have right to change eligibility criteria at any point of time.

The term of this agreement shall begin and becomes effective as soon as you sign up for IT Walk account with an initial payment and continues as long as you use the services. Entering with your user name and password means you have officially signed in to the IT Walk website. If you register with us on behalf of a company or organisation or any other entity, you legally enforce to accept these terms and conditions on their behalf.

Adhering Terms and Conditions of service

By using this site either as a register member, advertiser you are into an indirect commitment of IT Walk to adhere terms and conditions of this site. In case of any kind of disagreement of any terms, conditions or Privacy Policy of IT Walk you are not allowed to register or use our services. IT Walk has all rights reserved to upgrade or change any terms, conditions or guidelines at any point of time without any prior notice or intimation and no other person has any right to object on the same.

In case of any concern or issue on the upgraded or changed terms, conditions or guidelines would discontinue your further agreement with IT Walk. To keep a track on upgradation and changing of terms, conditions and policy of IT Walk kindly visit the site at regular interval which will give you clear idea of our terms, conditions and other guidelines.

Restricted Area of Usage

Any viewer is not permitted to use IT Walk in case he is not agreeing to any of the below given purpose for which user should not use services.

  • User should not be occupied with any illegal work, spamming or hacking of any data.
  • User shall not use the site in case they are legally not liable to do so.
  • Any advertiser shall not put any advertisement on site which is not completely true, misleading, gives false commitment or any fraudster.
  • You should not use purchased, rented, or third-party lists of email addresses.

All the users are suggested to contact us in case of any further query or modification require instead of modifying or violating it, which will again lead to legal complications.

General Terms

There are few general terms which every user or viewer should be aware about before using the site are:

  • Information given by any advertiser or user or and viewer's response in purely uninterrupted by us and is directly coming from the other party.
  • Company is bounded to follow privacy terms & policies govern by us in case of privacy of information of user is concern.
  • We may upgrade the information on site and person involved may or may not get an update through e-mail communication.
  • For any changes or upgradation happening in company or site will be informed to particular set of people which is at company's discretion. And in this matter company will not be answerable to any advertiser, viewer or any other user.

Security Precautions

IT Walk would only provide you with a user name, password and would help you out in resetting your password. You are responsible for keeping your user name and password confidential. IT Walk is not responsible for any losses associated with stolen or hacked passwords. For security reasons, we would help you in resetting your password. You will be held responsible for your account and any number of accounts you have access to whether you use it or not. So notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your accounts.


You can find charges on the website for monthly or pay per email. You are required to pay the subscription fees as per the service opted by you. The amount will be due and payable for the same to the date of the month; you have made your first payment.

According to this terms and agreement, as long as you are a registered member or have an outstanding balance with us, you should provide a valid credit card or bank account details to deduct the charges as per your service opted against the credit card or bank account.

If your credit card expires, you are responsible for replacing the information with that of new card or with any other bank account or with any other credit card of yours.

Any member or IT Walk account holder providing the credit card details warrants that IT Walk can deduct the charges billed to that particular account and it will not be rejected at any cost. In case rejections or difficulty in processing it, we will reach you to inform the same and your account will be suspended of all services until you process our payment.

Add-on Features

There are some special features which are offered as add-on features by IT Walk. When you use such features in addition then the charges for the same will be billed along with the subscription fees till the services are active. These add-ons features have special services which would be explained to you by our support team when you opt for it. But if we find using add on features in any way violating our terms of use then your account will be terminated without any notification.

Updated Charges

IT Walk reserves all rights to change or modify payment structure at any time, with or without any notice, by posting the new pricing structure on our website. We will send you a notification email regarding the same.

Account Termination and Removal

IT Walk may terminate the terms of this agreement made with you at any time for any cause with or without notice. IT Walk reserves all rights to shut down all services to you with or without cause.

  • If IT Walk suspend or terminate your account for violating any of our terms and conditions, we won't refund any of your credits under these circumstances.
  • Once your account is terminated then and all the associated data would be permanently deleted.
  • If we do not find activity in your account for about 12 months or more then we will consider your account to be inactive and will permanently delete your account and the associated campaigns, contact lists, reports and other related information of your account.

Refund Policy

As a company policy, we don't provide full or partial refunds for unused credits, unless a system malfunction caused a problem.

We reserve right, to shutdown campaigns at any time if we feel that your campaigns are doing spam. Please refer our Anti Spam Policy before you send email campaigns. If our Abuse Desk finds you've abused our delivery system in any way, and we terminate your account, we do not provide refunds for unused credits.

IT Walk is a service oriented and due to its nature, we do not entertain refunds for unused credits or money back or replacement of any credits partially or fully of our services once you begin with us. For instance, if you have paid in advance for a particular month to use our service and failed to use it, still IT Walk does not refund payment or credits.

IT Walk works hard to support you and try to offer you the best service in a timely manner. We put all our efforts and strive to reach your goals as a partnership and connect your business to your consumers in a straight forward and cost effective way with all transparency.

IT Walk provides the highest quality work and so very keen on the delivery rates, we posses all rights to cancel or to shutdown any number of campaigns at any point of time without any prior information. The reason behind such thing include sending spam, adult material, abuse material, material featuring drugs or anything that features abused or other items violating our terms of use and conditions. If we feel that your campaigns are abusing our system in any way, we will shut down your account immediately by stopping the services provided and you will not be entitled to a refund from us under these circumstances.

However the company shall neither be required to give any special reasons for termination of an account under these circumstances nor shall be required to refund for any damages or loss.

If we know that the information provided by you is not true, IT Walk reserves right to cancel its services and will not refund credits or money partially or fully in case that the work has commenced and or completed. Please read the terms of use before you start with IT Walk, to make sure that you are aware of our policy and your work is in line with our policies.

Termination of an account, final payments rendered for the account and any credit card charges or fees incurred with that of your IT Walk account, it is your sole responsibility, IT Walk is nowhere responsible for the failure to terminate your account properly.

IT Walk is email marketing service provider and we provide month to month (Monthly Subscription) or one year validity for pay per mail services (Pay as You Go). If you choose pay per mail services then your email credits will be expired at the end of one year from the date of purchasing credits. In case if you don’t fully utilize all the credits then your credits will be deleted and no refunded will be entertained. We encourage prepaid subscription fees. You may cancel your account at any point of time. But, in such cases, we request you to cancel it before your renewal date or you will be charged for the upcoming services and we don't entertain or have any refund policy.

If you sign up for a monthly or yearly service plan and request to cancel the same, you must notify IT Walk at least 7 working days prior to the next billing date with a clear written notice to cancel the agreement or account. IT Walk will never charge your account starting 7 working days following your notification.

If you are not satisfied with the credits spent on the campaigns that are already delivered or yet to deliver or any other miscellaneous charges that are non recoverable, in such cases, IT Walk does not offer any refunds in the form of credits or funds.

The company shall never be responsible or in no case be obliged to refund credits or amounts to any client on the basis of their email campaign performance and deliverability.

It is clearly stated in the agreement that the company is not liable to refund because of non performance of campaigns, damages and losses suffered by the client.

Kindly note that until you provide us the detailed cancellation requests your account will be charged with the subscription fees. Account inactivity will not constitute a cancellation.

IT Walk does not guarantee a full or partial refund for its cancellation of services. If you have paid of a service and later change your mind after paying for a service, in such cases, IT Walk does not offer any refunds.

IT Walk do have a Refund Policy according to the Following Guidelines

  • IT Walk will refund in full in the form of credits or money, if the company is unable to help you out in rendering its services due to technical issues and if the technical issues are unsolved within 15 days.
  • We encourage refund of credits unless a system malfunction or technical issues causing a problem.
  • If you request for your account cancellation within the time span as stated in the policy and still your account has been charged, IT Walk shall be liable to refund the consideration.

If you want to cancel our services or to deactivate your IT Walk account or have any questions, comments and concerns with that of our refund and cancellation policy, kindly reach our support team or email us at [email protected]. Please be sure to include your full name, contact number, email address, account number and the service you want to cancel. All refunds and the cancellation orders should be made in writing. Make a note that your requests will not be considered valid until you receive a confirmation email from our end. The confirmation email from IT Walk will act as a proof.

IT Walk strongly believe that our services will be beneficial for achieving your desired goals in terms of business and we always strive to make your online business experience a memorable and enjoyable one. We work to the best of our knowledge for the same.

IT Walk reserves the right to modify any provisions in regard to that of refund and cancellation policy without any prior notice.

Guidelines & Terms to use SMTP server

When customers take dedicated servers from us, we exclusively set up a new server with multiple IPs and the hardware resources are used for your campaigns only. The IPs allocated for you are not used or shared to any client to keep your IPs' reputation very good.

Doing campaigns according to the given guidelines and following our Anti Spam Policy attains good open rates and keep your IPs always healthy and never gives a chance of getting IPs or domains blacklisted.

If we get multiple complaints continuously from ESPs, all of our IPs and your domains are permanently blacklisted and we can't even deliver single email due to blacklisting. When IPs are blacklisted it will be tough time for us to run the campaigns because IPs can't be easily white-listed due to many restrictions from multiple service providers.

It may take additional time to replace these blacklisted IPs with new IPs. Extra charges are applicable for each new IP assignment. Please remember that every new IP needs warm up process again before delivering high volume.

Note: Doing IP replacement may not solve the issues until and unless you follow all the guidelines.

If you follow all the guidelines and still not getting good results, then it is time to dig out more about the facts of your email campaign practices. In such cases, our technical team works along with our Abuse Desk and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Tenure of dedicated SMTP server

Dedicated SMTP servers are purely on monthly basis. Our billing department generates invoice 7 days before for next month and send it to you. Payment should be made within 5 days upon receiving the invoice. Crediting no payment before the given last day causes your server be non functional at the end of the running month.

If you want to resume the service after payment, IP warm up process may be required again, as there is no guarantee that same server or IPs will be allocated.

By any reason if you don't send emails on daily basis, it is not possible to adjust / postpone unused credits to coming days or to next month.

Refund Policy for Dedicated SMTP Server

Please be noted that there won't be any refund once order is accepted by both parties. The reason behind this is, our team sets up a new server for your own requirement.

Ownership Rights

You, as a member or registered user of MailGoes represent and warrant that you hold all rights or own or have permission to use all the materials that you upload or save in to the service or your account.

Thank you, for reading these terms and conditions. Kindly make sure that your work is in line with these guidelines so that it would be easy for us to help you in branding your online business.

Revision of Terms

We reserve right to change or modify any of the terms by posting revised terms and conditions on our website without notifying you or by sending an email to your latest email address with us. The revised terms would be effective immediately and apply to any continued use of MailGoes service. MailGoes may change or update its website, service or any of its associated features at any point of time.

Have a happy and enjoyable online experience.

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