Our Privacy Policy

IT Walk Email Marketing is a digital marketing platform gives facility to promote your business. This section would provide you with a clear picture that how do we use the information provided by you at the time of filling up registration form and accepting terms and conditions laid by IT Walk. As we are strongly faithful to the privacy policies and statements put down by IT Walk, as well as we even understand and respect your concern towards the information provided by you.

In order to offer you with the good promotional services on IT Walk, we may require collecting some personal information from you. Apart from which our portal might require some of your information even to generate your account and to identify your account from others which helps us to offer and maintain a very personal and individual experience to you. And we will be able to deliver the best services only when you allow to do so by co-operating and providing us with the required information or a form.

Reasons of Collecting Personal Data

Most important purpose of IT Walk for collecting personal information is just to provide you with the personalized services presented by our marketing platform. And even to avoid any confusion or doubt of any one of us i.e. IT Walk and other entity doing business together on each other. Type of information which we collect is as follows:

  • We use a range of online technologies and other software to understand about your usage of our portal which even helps us in providing an indirect feedback about our portal from your end.
  • Any time if any registered user or even a guest viewer visits IT Walk, his/her date, time and IP address is recorded at backend which helps us to take immediate action at the time of any spam taking place.
  • When you register for our services we require you personal details to create a unique account ID for you.

Using your Information

Any individual user or an entity who is providing it’s personal information to IT Walk need to know that information provided by you are used for following purpose.

  • We use this information to provide your contact details in an advertising requested by you.
  • We may even use this information to take your personalized feedback which will help us to modify our services as well as we might even provide industry wise segregation for our clients in the services which again depends on such personal feedbacks.
  • In case you have chosen to display any of your contact information in any of your advertisement, customer can directly contact you without routing it through IT Walk and we are not responsible or linked in any such communication.
  • Any individual user or an entity who is providing it’s personal information to IT Walk need to know that information provided by you are used for following purpose.

Managing your Own Information

We will definitely provide you with the choices when we ask for any personal information from you wherever possible.

  • You are always allowed to change your details just by logging into your account though MailGoes would have a complete record of your modification or deletion of the information.
  • We hold back your information till you don’t completely delete your account or complete information about you.
  • We take complete care and try to resist our site from any spam, hackers or any unauthorized usage or access which is not permitted. In case if you wish to write us anything regarding these privacy statements provided by IT Walk feel free to E-mail us on [email protected] or you can even follow our contact us link to email us on general mailbox or call us at any point of time.
  • We assure you to solve your query in minimum turnaround time.
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